I wanted to share these photos with you. From some time I’ve been in love with Emma Parson Linderberg and Linda Bindel cooperation. I can’t subscribe this to a single definite style, so does the styling of Emma. It combines both modern and traditional elements, creating both harmony and relaxed feel thanks to a little chaos she sprinkles on top of her creations. This is Linda’s apartment in Sweden. Emma, as usual, chose muted colors – green and blue in this case, but still very conservatively. Background is still white and grey. And here also, you can see the great combo of new and old – Muuto chairs, but the table is very traditional. And the arrangement of lace tablecloth with rustic flowers – brilliant! I want to sit and relax in this flat! I want to call my mom and ask her to lend me some of her linens! This is what I call – inspiring!


Photo Petra Bindel / styling Emma Persson


About the Author Ola Mochol

Ola Mochol is the Founder and Creative Director of Scena. She provides minimal and modern property styling services to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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