Centro Garden Store visit

Ok, so usually November 1st for me was a quiet day, but when I turned on the radio this morning, what did I hear…yes… Xmas is coming! I have been wandering around downtown Burlington, ON with cup of my favourite latte and I found this store.

It’s quite difficult to give it any definite tag. Is it just a florist store, a bookstore, interior decoration place?…I would say it represents a certain style and if you’re in search for staging props¬†– run to it! Thanks to Jason, the owner, we took some shots and are pleased to share them with you. If you happen to live in Ontario come by and head on to their website for details on workshops etc. http://www.centrogarden.com/

IMG_8546 IMG_8544 IMG_8523 IMG_8515 IMG_8514 IMG_8513
IMG_8498 IMG_8484 IMG_8479 IMG_8475 IMG_8469 IMG_8464 IMG_8460 IMG_8446 IMG_8441 IMG_8437

 All photos by Agnieszka Hranyczny

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