I am a minimalist
It took me some time to study myself and name this. And I know one thing. You might think you know what you are, what you like and you might think this is not important. But I’ve always been methodical on every level and I can tell you this – this really helps. It organizes and drives your esthetic choices and saves you time and money. So…identify your style!

I recently read a book by Emily Henderson “Styled” and took her test. Emily, I think is one of the few decorators that really gives you that hands on approach, not just pretty photos. You read her blog like a textbook, and it might be the first textbook you will enjoy!:)

You want to be noticed. Get noticed. The idea.
I am a minimalist, but I’m not a fundamentalist. So I tend towards white and black, BUT I love color too. I always did. And always loved color pop trend. This has been out there for a few years now. “Small flashes of strong color can really lift a space and change the mood dramatically.” ( from “Decorate Workshop” by Holly Becker). And that’s the idea behind – color story might be very collected and bring the calmness and harmony, so much desired on open house, but this might also quickly turn your space into very generic and no character. And the experience potential buyers will have is…exactly, they won’t remember. This might just not be enough. We have to be more creative.

Not every color. Tone of color.
The trend is evolving though. The golden rule of home staging while choosing colors is to stay away from strong colors, keep it clean, fresh and calm. I agree. The hot pink wall might look super trendy for you friends, but it might not find the same rapport with that older couple that really loves the location, not the paint work to be done or the painter’s receipt. Now, you say, “ok, I don’t paint the wall but I will display my lovely sofa in burgundy or even these awesome bright teal cushions”. Ok, do it and you’ll quickly see how old-fashioned/generic this looks. And I know you will see this, cause you have a good taste:) You want to draw their attention, but not in aggressive way – in a flowy and understated way. Instead, I urge you to use darker or medium, moodier and paler hues. I can actually say, the tones of the colors you love. By tone I mean there’s some grey added to it. Expose wood floors you have, add white and black and you’re done in the color palette step.

Keep it short and sweet. Less is truly always more.
By definition, color pops are used mainly on furniture, for instance painted cabinets, seats, sofas. But for the home staging purposes I would stray away from the really big pieces and use it with an extreme discipline. Instead, put it on the artwork. Flowers, like lilacs for instance, will do the trick. Two or three “statement” pillows. The lamp shade. Like you were trying to say: “Yes, I know color, we are good friends and we are happy people, but we don’t have to talk a lot to know what’s a real friendship”:)

My favourite tones:

Soft Pumpkin/Carrot

via Muuto
via Muuto


via The Design Chaser
via The Design Chaser

Mid-century Mustard

Couleur Locale via Planete Deco
Couleur Locale via Planete Deco


via Nordic Design
via Nordic Design
via Decordots
via Decordots

Pale Safire

via Stadshem Fastighetsmäkleri
via Stadshem Fastighetsmäkleri

What do you think about calm color pops? Please let me know and share if you like the idea!

Cover photo from via elisabethheier.blogspot.com.es


About the Author Ola Mochol

Ola Mochol is the Founder and Creative Director of Scena. She provides minimal and modern property styling services to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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