Vanity Hack

The idea for this bathroom was for it to be calm, bright, modern and cozy. And when it comes to home staging, cozy is a big word. And how do you make it cozy? You’re right! If you’re remodelling the bathroom before the sale, consider adding some timber. Go against the standard white.


Restoration Hardware style is awesome. Staging however usually comes with a tight budget, that can’t support all price tags. And when there are limits, there’s creativity. Luckily, we have Kijiji and I was able to purchase just restored console table for 70$ with delivery from a kind gentlemen. It had perfect size – it didn’t overpower the room visually. If you have a handyman handy, ask nicely for a simple cut on top, to add the sink and install hardware. And enjoy the view!


Mirror from Target. Sink from RONA. Photos by Lauren Leies and author.

About the Author Ola Mochol

Ola Mochol is the Founder and Creative Director of Scena. She provides minimal and modern property styling services to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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