Vintage tours in Hamilton, ON

Hunting for vintage reminds me of my high school days, when I used to go out to little joints in my home town. Nobody really cared how dingy these places were. What you cared about, was live music, cigarettes smoking, cheap beer and shared moments with your dudes. We were free, we were young and we felt cool;) Same here. Those places are cool. You can smell past, you can picture the journeys items have passed to get there, you can imagine people using them, resting them in peace in cold cellar rooms and basements, to finally let them go on garage sales.

My latest discovery is Ottawa Street N in Hamilton, ON. I’ve come to see Antique Avenue store, but I ended up getting myself a little tour along the street, as it’s filled with these joints, one beside each other.

Just take a look at these little treasures. Makes me think, somebody just let them go too early, while all they really needed was a little TLC and right context to shine.


But my absolute hit is this guy. I’m so crushing on him right now. The price is not right for me, but I’m seriously considering renting him out for an upcoming photo shoot. I sense he would make a statement, he so desperately wants to make;)

Is there anything that caught your eye? Do you enjoy retro furniture like I do?

About the Author Ola Mochol

Ola Mochol is the Founder and Creative Director of Scena. She provides minimal and modern property styling services to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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