Beige is back!

I see it all the time in my clients’ homes. Like a ghost of the decade of Johnny Deep and Kate Moss relationship (I loved it btw). So often it is associated with classy family home look and we just think, that’s the way it is, that’s the way it has to be. No, it doesn’t. But if you already have it, you are not sentenced to forever “lack-of-design” blacklist. This is on how to rock it.

King of 90’s

Let’s talk paint today! Beige is as iconic to 90’s as grunge music to my generation and Barbie dolls to little girls. With the Beverly Hills 90210 fashion came the magnificent beige. It was everywhere, and everyone had to have it. Same with dr. Martens shoes in my high school.

Guess what…it’s back! And with just few tricks it can rock! I myself love it so much and have such sentiment for it, that I made it one of my branding colors.


Beige undeniable plus is that it’s cozy and hence its popularity contest trophy. People want beige, what am I saying, they adore beige, they urge for beige, cause it brings them home, it gives them peace. Beige says to them: “Come in, it’s your warm home, it’s your anchor, your understated, never-posh asylum, no one is judging you here, and even if they do, who cares”.

“Beige is only boring if you don’t like beige, it’s not boring to the person who adores and feels safe around. I vote NO JUDGEMENT. Beige can be sexy, sensual and very classy and warm. Bright color is the one thing people experiment the most with to lend a cozy vibe but the bevy of books showing colorful interiors out there fail to explain color theory 101 and the importance of selecting ones that work for you, not against you – and suit your home the best.” (Holly Becker)

Amazing minimal styling by Anna Pirkola

Amazing minimal styling by Anna Pirkola

Far more important to me is that beige is a natural color and its derivative from organic tones and materials is an actual final selling point. Give me some wood-forest moods and I’m on board.

It’s amazing, but you can actually analyze design with words, what I supposed was impossible. As a little girl, I thought that design is only based on visuals and all this magazine copy is just an extra unnecessary typography. Later on I realized that this IS the design – the vision, the idea, the words behind it. And if you understand that vision and idea and words you can start creating thanks to the magnitude of inspiration surrounding us.

So here’s the idea behind today’s take on BEIGE. In other words, how to use the color you might already have at home and bring it to 2016.

So stay away from generic look like this…


but rather make it more sophisticated, yet cozy look like this…

Styling by Anna Pirkola

Styling by Anna Pirkola



From 90’s boring (?) beige to modern hip nude

“If you go the beige, brown, cream look you are dangerously close to 90’s suburbia. Mix with black, white, ink navy, blush pinks and modern finishes (brass or copper) to make sure that it stays firmly in 2016.” (Emily Henderson) In other words, make it edgy with proper props, otherwise it will come across as mellow and lukewarm.

“Beige is NOT boring. I am so tired of hearing people say that about beige but perhaps vision is needed because beige can be a great base for fun things to happen. Think about your face. Your foundation/skin tone is beige or a tone of beige and then you add shine, sparkle, color, etc. It works. Your face isn’t boring! Same with a room with lots of beige. With texture, a variety of tones and mixing in a strong navy, some olive and accents of bright pink and orange – well, beige is still the most dominant color in this palette but it comes across as anything but boring now!” (Holly Becker) And sticking to Holly’s “face metaphor”: if you want to wear no makeup and still look sassy, make sure your skin is flawless. But adding a bit of color to beige, oh my(!) – it will move mountains:


The paints


There’s no general direction here: you can make the light barely seen nude work and use the dark moody one to create cozy dining area. Of course, I don’t have to tell you the tip here about choosing shades with a drop of grey? Here are some solid suggestions:




So what do you think about beige? Or shall I say: “nude” ?



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