The beginning

Ola Mochol is the Founder and Creative Director of PGF Staging Studio. She started her professional life in the unlikely world of finance. Corporate life wasn’t really her thing, so she started a blog dedicated to what she loved. Design, art and her need for making things beautiful. She soon discovered real estate investors were left with very limited options: the sea of similar-looking, lackluster staged properties. She decided it’s time for a change. Inspired by the Scandinavian Pale palette, the Grunge fashion movement (she’s a 90’s teenager) and comfort of Family, PGF Studio was born.

The drive

With a natural talent for organizing chaos and an eye for detail, she creates calm, harmonious spaces with impeccable details and a refined aesthetic. She believes true elegance is understated. So… you won’t find screaming gold or faux crystals in her designs. Instead, she values quality: light woods, clay, matte finishes and furniture that accentuates, rather than dominates a room.

The results

Ola has built trust and rapport with her clients by exploring their spaces and discovering their vision for it. She creates unique brand to each one of properties. Her aim is for the buyer to feel comfortable in the space and fall in love.

Ever mindful of client costs, time constraints and their ROI. Ola is proud to share that the homes she has staged, on average, sell in less than 10 days and over asking price.

Call or email to chat with her about latest Game of Thrones episode (she’s a big fan) or receive a quick quote for your next epic sale.