Your Team


Ola Mochol, Scena

Ola Mochol, Founder/Designer. She takes care of operations and sources the items needed for the project. With a natural talent for organizing chaos and an eye for detail, she helps to create calm, harmonious spaces with impeccable details and a refined aesthetic. Approachable, yet attentive to provide best value for the clients.

Raquel Fassler, Scena

Raquel Fassler is a Partner and Collaborator. Coming from a prior career as an architect and urban planner in Brazil, Raquel brings a wealth of ideas and a great understanding of space and form to the properties we style. Along with Ola, she takes care of designs, from conception to implementation, helping to bring to life our ideas of how to display real estate our way.


We believe true elegance is understated. So… you won’t find screaming gold or faux crystals in our designs. Instead, we value style and quality: light woods, clay, matte finishes and furniture that accentuates, rather than dominates a room.