Beige is back!

I see it all the time in my clients’ homes. Like a ghost of the decade of Johnny Deep and Kate Moss relationship (I loved it btw). So often it is associated with classy family home look and we just think, that’s the way it is, that’s the way it has to be. No, it doesn’t. But if you already have it, you are not sentenced to forever “lack-of-design” blacklist. This is on how to rock it.

How to style minimal and not look stark

Everything tastes better in moderation, don’t you think?…

We love surrounding ourselves with possessions to display our curiosities and tell the rich story of our lives. Styling discipline however works wonders, especially when selling property. Just like my diet to my body lately;). The paradox is that it looks like it requires the least amount of resources, like time and amount of props. Sometimes its true. What’s for sure, is that it looks luxuries, refined and understated.

I analysed minimalistic styling, so if you like the look it might help the next time you want to style for sale.

6 safe color splashes – how to use this trend while selling

I am a minimalist
It took me some time to study myself and name this. And I know one thing. You might think you know what you are, what you like and you might think this is not important. But I’ve always been methodical on every level and I can tell you this – this really helps. It organizes and drives your esthetic choices and saves you time and money. So…identify your style!