How to style minimal and not look stark

Everything tastes better in moderation, don’t you think?…

We love surrounding ourselves with possessions to display our curiosities and tell the rich story of our lives. Styling discipline however works wonders, especially when selling property. Just like my diet to my body lately;). The paradox is that it looks like it requires the least amount of resources, like time and amount of props. Sometimes its true. What’s for sure, is that it looks luxuries, refined and understated.

I analysed minimalistic styling, so if you like the look it might help the next time you want to style for sale.

Budget Friendly Styling Guide

H&M linen bedding bedroom

European (Inspired) Stores in Ontario

From time to time, I get asked where do I shop, so here is just a few of scandi, boho and modern stores beside IKEA. Common denominator: European influence. You probably know them, but these are my favourite.

Vintage tours in Hamilton, ON

Hunting for vintage reminds me of my high school days, when I used to go out to little joints in my home town. Nobody really cared how dingy these places were. What you cared about, was live music, cigarettes smoking, cheap beer and shared moments with your dudes. We were free, we were young and we felt cool;) Same here. Those places are cool. You can smell past, you can picture the journeys items have passed to get there, you can imagine people using them, resting them in peace in cold cellar rooms and basements, to finally let them go on garage sales.

Living room before & after

Ta da! the house is sold. I’m actually shocked this only took one weekend… and my husband is even more shocked;)  I’m torn between being happy and sad (that I have to leave it)…But… I just hope the next house will have as much potential as this one and I will, again, have the opportunity for this much fun in redecorating it!

Bathroom reveal

For this family bathroom I was inspired by my favourite stylist kitchen which I posted a while ago.
Here’s a moodboard.
We decided to DIY the bathroom, so please be merciful in comments:) as we are not pros (meaning me as a decorator and my husband a contractor)
Too bad I don’t have any before photos (I will try to add in due course).Here’s the end result:
For the tiles we went with white marble tiles for the floor and simple subway tiles for the wall. I needed something geometric (I love this trend) so my husband put it with 90 degrees herringbone pattern (I was inspired by Smitten Studio bathroom).DSCN2320 The wall behind the tub was initially just painted (Benjamin Moore Crystaline – awsome greyish mint green), but my two little raccoons love to splash the water all over the place so we needed some protection for the wall.
DSCN2345 DSCN2352The hamper is from West Elm and the stool from Restoration Hardware.
Both type of tiles were bought here and we went with dark grout for subways tiles and no grout for the floor. Initially I wanted black grout, but then I chickened out as some people might not like the look (some say it looks dirty to them). DSCN2356 DSCN2376 DSCN2382I wanted some rustic feel, as I always like to mix old and new so I found this console table on (it’s an equivalent of the Craigslist in Canada:) and the previous owner was so kind to even bring it my house for free (the total cost=70$). I like the distressed look ala Restoration Hardware, but for a wet space you really need to put a nice top coat so that the wood doesn’t get damaged. I was lucky – he just restored it!:))
DSCN2385 The mirror is from Target:) no longer on sale:(DSCN2392 DSCN2393
 So.. what do you guys think?