How We Can Help

Can you imagine what buzz and excitement your listing would make in the neighbourhood?

Or maybe you want to do it slow and your way? Burn your marketing money and keep going the same way?
Show a different angle, fascinate them, let them love their new house, and by the way, you and your brand!

Staging is a lot of work. I mean a loooot.

You know that. You’ve been there. You, yourself know best.

Why not…let someone else do that for you? And do that in a way that the house doesn’t look staged but looks so beautiful thateveryone, including you, loves it so much that wants to either a) buy it a.s.a.p., b) hire you as their own realtor when they sell (and they will hurryonce they see how quickly house sells) or c) drool on your Instagram photos andmake good buzz around your brand?

You come in and pouf! Its done! No hussle, no moving furniture, no cleaning. Not even bringing in flowers for the open house (yep! We do that too!)

Human, Honest, Natural

Just like you! You have a good taste, you just don’t havetime to put that all together.

Why we style minimal? Research shows that Millenials value most: minimal lifestyle & travel. Their houses are smaller yet functional, and that’s reflected in the furnishings as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry anymore about those bigbang agents, that do mediocre job, but always win the client at the listing presentation? You deserve a relief! See the results as soon as you share the photos with the world.

Will I make it on time? Will I be able to put the house on the market before its too late? Less uncertainties, more market immunity, I say. With our method you will not have to worry about timing, cause every time will be best for you. 

We’ve spent countless hours researching what’s available on the market – we really wanted to hire stagers to help to sell our own houses! But our sincere efforts were met with the sea of random, semi-professional projects that were just screaming “I’m average! The house is average!”.

Every house is a story. Story from the past and story that is still to happen. Let us help to tell the story of the house you are about to sell.

Usually when you sell a house that is a very stressful moment in life. Big change that triggers a sale. That was my case too.

 We interviewed couple of agents,unfortunately there were a lot of semi-professional, part time ones. I just wanted one, but good. The one we chose was good. He managed the process for us great. But I also know that that would not be enough. The way we made the house present really made the difference. Again, you can have great skills and marketing resources, but if you don’t have a “good content” it won’t sell well. 

Good vibes along the way

We only style vacant or nearly vacant properties, providing all or most furniture and props. We come to the location to take the measurements & “before” photos. A day before the listing photos are taken, we begin the installation. After the hard sale we arrange the destaging.

You can either:

  • hire any home stager for cheap money with no sense of what they do.
  • Do it yourself – waste a lot of time and energy, not to mention money for the props
  • Let owners do it – most likely they won’t do it (they have enough stress already) and they usually are not as style savvy as you


  • Mediocre results and no additional value for you or your clients. You get what you pay for.  
  • looks like you didn’t make the effort
  • Lack of life elements
  • Looks staged and fake
  • Looks old fashioned

Or you can: hire us


  • Social media booster – engages your followers and potential buyers
  • strengthens your personal brand
  • Doesn’t look staged but lived-in
  • Owner-occupier appeal gets the attention of investors
  • Is modern and elegant
  • Looks natural and unpretentious
  • Boosts the house class, so mid-range house looks like luxury house and gets attention of high-end clients with bigger budgets
  • Execution of your style



All serious real estate investors looking to secure the value of their properties and present professionally use home staging service successfully!

I’m a real estate agent and have been successfully staging properties for my clients. Why do I need home staging from you?

Although we don’t question your results, your core activity is sale. Property styling is something we do professionally and the choice of quality props we offer differs dramatically from the regular home staging agents can ever provide. You might have a good eye and consult your client on what to change, but it’s the little details that once executed together make an impact. And you probably don’t want to spend time on that either. This is your marketing and the better it is, the better you position yourself on the market.

Do you charge per week or month for rental of props?

No, thereis one charge no matter time the property is on the market, up to 3 months. 50% upfront deposit is required at the booking and 50% at the time the job is done.

Do you have a warehouse of props? Can I rent furniture from you?

We are not a rental company, so we can’t help you there. We own a collection of props we use for our projects gathered over the years.

Do you provide interior design service?

No, we are not an interior designer. We do property styling for real estate. Read more on the process above. We generally create a moodboard and the list of props needed for our own purposes.

When should I contact you if I have a listing coming up?

Let us know as soon as you can. We start the process when you sign listing agreement with your clients.

Who takes care of the destaging process?

We do, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How can I pay you?

You can send money via e-transfer.

Do you provide plants and flowers?

Yes. Although plants and flowers are considered a bad investment, because they require maintenance, we believe their presence during photoshoot is crucial.

Ok, but I don’t know you, you say. If reading above is not sufficient – no worries at all. We can have a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop and get to know each other.

Meet with us and learn how to multiply your efforts.

Remember we will double your marketing efforts, when we share open house alerts and news on our social media.

Start enjoying the sale process and take care of what you really need to focus on!

Seriously, move on with your life goals! It’s time!

Our schedule is limited, so make sure you reserve your spot in our calendar. We would love to help and hate to refuse our clients.