Why stage in seller's market?

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Question I often hear: Would you explain how staging typically works?  Seems like an expensive proposition for the seller if the buyer doesn’t purchase the furniture and accessories…

Your house stops being “your” house the moment you decide to sell it. It becomes a  merchandise item. Ruthless as it seems, like every other, it requires good marketing if you want to sell it fast (reaching the right buyer’s attention) and for a premium price.

Sometimes you decide you will sell it the moment you buy it. And sometimes that’s where home staging starts…

Living room before & after

Ta da! the house is sold. I’m actually shocked this only took one weekend… and my husband is even more shocked;)  I’m torn between being happy and sad (that I have to leave it)…But… I just hope the next house will have as much potential as this one and I will, again, have the opportunity for this much fun in redecorating it!